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Start Profiting

With your first producing agent you can profit with us. All the administration, documentation, and most memberships are paid for by the corporate office. So you don't have to worry about initial costs!

Our Mission

Make you the most money for your time. iPro gives the ability to build a lucrative business while not having to deal with overwhelming administration of it. We want you to focus on growing your branch while we help you maintain it. We’ll have the products and resources to thoroughly help along the way.


*Based on the average agent producing $500 of monthly income you can see in the chart above how you can get a significant return fast.

How you Get Paid

The split is 75/25. You keep 75% of all your agent's broker fees!

Physical Office

We encourage you to open a physical office but it is NOT required.

Where we are Now

The company provides powerful system that empowers you and your sales agent's business and lifestyle! Some of our benefits include:

Agent Profile

All our tools are conveniently accessible through your Online Agent Profile.

Free Client Leads

Warm Referral Leads sent directly to your phone and email.

24/7 Broker Support

We take great pride in our World-Class Support. When you need support, we’ll be here.

Online Transaction Management

Work from anywhere and keep business efficient and organized with our sophisticated Online Transaction Management.

Free Custom Website

Fully loaded along with our State-of-the-Art Adaptive IDX Searching, CRM, and more business building tools.

Transaction Coordination Services

Save time, grow business, and ensure quality transactions with our in-house Transaction Coordination Services.

Real-World Training

Custom Training Sessions that tailor to your business. Also, use our company generated leads and 24/7 Support to earn, learn, and grow in the business.

Client Reviews

Easily build more rapport and credibility with our Client Reviews.

Fastest Payments

Get your commissions paid directly from closings!

Risk Free

You do not need to worry about brokerage fees getting started with us. Pay nothing until you're earning income.

Worldwide Office Locations

Wherever you're currently dealing business from, we'll have options for local office space. Select from 1000s of locations worldwide.

CRM with Drip Marketing

Our custom CRM will keep your contacts organized. Use our Marketing Templates and Drip Campaigns to help with converting them.

Realtor Board Affiliation

We're currently members of realtor boards throughout the areas mapped above. Additional memberships can be added as needed.

Maintenance and Support

We provide our 24/7 World-Class Support to you and your agents. Once your agents have signed company docs and transferred licenses and memberships, we'll assist you and them on the administration and you will also have access to keep an overview on the progress. When deals are closing and broker fees are received, we'll have you paid directly from escrow.

Transaction Process

Here is a typical transaction with us:

1. Deal

2. Upload

3. Get paid directly from closing

The Compensation Plan

We'll charge a flat 6% per transaction to the sales agents; Your earnings is 75% of the 6% transaction fee. You can literally pay nothing until you're earning with us... There are no fees required getting started!

Your Broker Split 75%
75% Complete
Corporate Fee 25%
25% Complete


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