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iPro's Enhanced Website Experience

We've upgraded our website with a newly advanced AI-induced listing search engine along with additional features throughout the website that offer a more captivating experience. The new search capabilities include an inviting process that accepts more usual search engine lingo and can be activated with standard search prompts. For example, you can search:

"Looking for a 4 bedroom 3 bath house within 30 miles of Los Angeles for $2-5 million with a 3 car garage and a pool"

And the system will start the search process... Additionally, the algorithms intelligently tailor to your search habits for a customized and focused view of what listings and services are available for you. The full-page property search is very user-friendly and the overall system is optimized for quicker user interaction and productivity.

Test drive the new real estate search now on all of the pages of our website at www.iprore.com. And we're looking forward to serving you with the upgrades!

Jason Mechura
President & Lead Broker
iPro Real Estate
Direct: 949-407-9720

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