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The Hand-Painted Pink Listing that has Gone Viral

Photos of a home in Buda, Texas, are drawing widespread attention across social media. It’s the home’s unusual hand-painted and very pink interior decor that has drawn the attention.

The owner, Melissa Stephenson, told FOX 7 in Austin, Texas, that the home is filled with hand-painted “joy.” Poodles, polka dots, and hearts decorate the walls of the four-bedroom, two-bath ranch-style home. The owner and her husband are selling the house for $400,000—custom wall artwork included. Furniture is negotiable.

“I’ll sit back sometimes and be like ‘huh, I painted that!’ … because I feel like it’s just a gift from God,” Stephenson told FOX 7 News. She decorated the home with her mother, who is an interior designer and who has a similar home in El Paso, Texas. “I feel like it’s almost an out-of-body experience when I paint.”

The home features a pink foyer, floral and ruffle décor, and hand-painted kitchen cabinets that depict floral scenes and flamingo designs.

The listing, presented by Tyler Shelton of Pure Gold Realty, reads “One of a kind, artistic home” and makes special mention of the “kitchen and walls painted custom by owner.” (A line in the listing also notes a “historical Texans burial plot in front yard.”)

Stephenson says the only reason she and her husband are selling the home is because her two sons are leaving for college and her husband recently got in an accident. But the thought that someone would gut her pink, hand-painted home terrifies her, she says.

However, she also told FOX News that she is looking forward to decorating her next blank canvas home.

Source: “Real Estate Listing for Hand Painted Buda Home Goes Viral,” FOX 7 (May 13, 2019)